Hey, guys. Not so much…

Hey, guys. Not so much to report -- I did manage to finish that Sizzle piece, finally, and it looks like I might be getting some more work from them, which is good, 'cause my finances are somewhat tight this year. I've had a lot of trouble getting the interviews in place for the Puritan piece -- not sure yet if that's going to happen or not. We'll see.

Finished In Our Time, the Hemingway collection of short stories. Interesting, and I really liked a few of the stories. It was a bit confusing though, since at times he seemed to be following one character, and other times diverged wildly, so it was always unclear whether Nick was in fact the same Nick (for instance). I'll go into more detail on this in my journal once I talk to Tom (professor) about how he wants them done.

A slow day today, mostly cleaning my room and getting my finances back in order (the delay on the government check caused an unholy mess). All fixed now, I think. In a couple of days I should know whether I can afford to take some time in late February to visit Kevin in Chicago. I'd also like to spend some time with Lisette -- her mother died recently, and I've been feeling guilty that I couldn't be with her. She's coping, but still. Also reading chapters of Eddings' Belgarath, the Sorcerer in between work -- a very light, pleasant read. Nothing actually new, since he told us all of this in history form before, but it's interesting reading it in narrative (and interesting seeing how he can milk an entire other book out of it :-). Glad Sherman lent it to me, since I probably won't buy a copy.

My schedule's going to be a bit funny this semester, since if I take this Writing Poetry class, I won't have class on Wednesday's until 4:00. Feels a bit odd, but it's probably good for me. Since I have 9:30 classes Tuesday and Thursday, I'll stay in the habit of getting up early, which means that Wednesday will be a good day to do things around the house. Anyway, I'm just babbling, since I have nothing exciting to say, so I should probably go back to reading, or maybe head in to campus a little early. Talk to y'all later...

3:55 - Got to run to class -- just wanted you to know that I've added a new story and some reviews to the stories page.

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