Morning, everyone….

Morning, everyone. (There are approximately 62 of you reading this -- isn't that good to know? I'm tempted to have you send in bios so you can introduce yourselves to each other...:-). It's a beautiful spring day today (finally!), which has put me in a good mood. I also have dance class tonight (I almost went to a class Saturday as well, but decided that might be overdoing it a bit :-), which is good. And I had a great weekend...

I told you that I had friends coming from out of town, right? So Alex and Julia arrived Friday afternoon; we spent Friday evening cooking a big dinner and talking and hanging out; Saturday got up outrageously early 'cause the guys (Alex and Kevin) were playing in a go tournament that started at some ridiculous hour; Julia and I went to the Philadelphia Museum of Art, (I especially love the Romantics, the medieval and the Asian art (they did a really gorgeous job recently of renovating the latter two display areas, with actual architecture from the appropriate areas), and then had a long and decadent lunch (wine in the afternoon :-) and caught up on gossip before going to watch the tournament (Kevin won 3/4, Alex 1/4 (but Alex's first game was against the US Champion, and his last opponent was also extremely strong, so we'll forgive him :-) and then we headed home to play Magic and talk some more. Sunday was more laziness (made crepes for breakfast) and chatting -- eventually we watched a movie (Go Fish, great (if somewhat jaggedly so) film) and then they had to go... Very sad to see them leave, but was so nice to see them.

Stopped by Jason's briefly later. He has a table saw! I am very jealous. (I used to do a lot of tech stuff in college, and miss messing around with wood and sharp blades...:-)

Finished Original Sin at some point this weekend. Very good mystery -- pretty bleak. Excellent ending. Wish she'd go a little easier on her characters sometimes... Currently reading a collection of Le Guin short stories - The Wind's Twelve Quarters, which I am enjoying immensely, as expected. She writes so beautifully -- it's a real pleasure and inspiration, even reading her earlier work.

12:30 - Just joined the CIEC. If you're interested in fighting the good fight against internet censorship, you might want to sign up here.

3:00 - Added two of Kael Goodman's stories to my stories page. Kael is a really good writer, and I encourage you guys to swing by there and check them out. Also added a link to a sf/f/h market list on my home page.

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