Hey! In an awesomely…

Hey! In an awesomely good mood today (actually, I've been in this mood ever since dance class yesterday :-). Helped along by the fact that my very good friend Alex, math whiz and inscrutable Russian, along with Julia, his girlfriend and my ex-roommate, have just finished a week of losing money at Atlantic City and are coming to visit us this weekend! Very very much looking forward to seeing them again...

Also added a new link to my home page - Random House has put up a Seuss page -- it's a pretty blatant plug for books, but fun nonetheless.

Not much else to report -- oh, someone sent me mail this morning telling me that my Alternative Sexualities in SF/F Booklist was recently mentioned in the Alternative Media section of Science Fiction Age magazine, which is cool. And several teachers wrote to me asking for permission to link to my Children's SF/F List. Which was extremely polite of them -- I don't usually bother to ask before linking, though I do before actually copying information over and posting it. A small distinction, but I think meaningful.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend -- I'm also feeling good because two exercises I wrote for my writing workshop show promise of possibly turning into a story. I haven't written much in a month or two (except for those two poems), and so I'm pretty happy about these. They were exercises on character and surroundings, each to be under 300 words and used to define a character. I include them for your weekend-to-be enjoyment. :-)

11:30 - also added to my home page from a fellow U Chicago person's page. Greg not only has some great Zelazny (god, I can't believe he's actually dead) quotes, but he has a really nice writing style and an enjoyable and funny page. Even though he's a physics geek. :-)

3:00 - Wrote another poem.

3:30 - I sent a copy of the poem to Jordan; he sent me back this, and I thought I'd share it with you.

Woken, I lay in the arms of my own warmth and listened
To a storm enjoying its storminess in the winter dark
Till my ear, as it can when half-asleep or half-sober,
Set to work to unscramble that interjectory uproar,
Construing its airy vowels and watery consonants
Into a love-speach indicative of a Proper Name.

Scarcely the tongue I should have chosen, yet, as well
As harshness and clumsiness would allow, it spoke in your praise,
Kenning you a god-child of the Moon and the West Wind
With power to tame both real and imaginary monsters,
Likening your poise of being to an upland county,
Here green on purpose, there pure blue for luck.

-- W. H. Auden, from _First_Things_First_

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