Feeling all virtuous…

Feeling all virtuous because I'm doing my entry and it's only 10:00.

Very pleasant day yesterday. Worked hard, cleared off my desk, dealt with a bunch of old mail (yes, Brian, I'm getting to yours today :-), went over to Dave's after work and had yummy dinner (remember that crepes recipe? Well, we took chunks of chicken, onion and red and green pepper, sauteed them with this packet of fajita spices he had, and wrapped them in crepes. Tortillas definitely work better (thicker and hold the stuff together better), but it was a very good improvisation, nonetheless. :-)

Basically spent the evening talking, occasionally reading more P.D. James, and watching Party of Five. Good episode. They did this sweet thing where one character was writing a fairy tale, which they did as a voice over (not very well-written, but that's ok, it's in character), in which the couple lives happily ever after -- while in the meantime you're seeing them (Justin and Julia) breaking up in real life. Nicely carried off. They've got some damn good writers working on this show. Next week is the 2 hour season finale. :-)

Got a really neat letter from a soldier stationed in Bosnia. It amazes me that people there are reading my pages.

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