Hey, everyone. Slow on…

Hey, everyone. Slow on the diary today -- sorry! (Funny how I feel guilty now if I don't do an entry early...I hate to think of people checking in and finding nothing new...).

So the meeting last night was actually intriguing. A web publisher interested in writers for a new type of interactive erotic fiction. Any writers out there interested in further details should drop me a line.

Other than that, very quiet evening (watched a little tv), read a Dorothy Gilman mystery (I love the Mrs. Pollifax books -- absolutely adore them. An elderly lady who goes to the CIA and asks to become a spy...) and started a P.D. James mystery, Original Sin, so far good, but very dense. Her books have so much detail -- it's amazing. I'd never have the patience to write that much detail.

Going to Dave's for dinner tonight (and watching of my show, which had better be on this week!). Ran into a very funny article and added it to my pages -- you should read it if you've ever started going to the gym again after too long without exercise.

3:00 - Casey (a reader) sent me a neat senryu (oops, can't remember the author think it's anonymous 19th century) -- thought I'd pass it along:

When you're trying to get it
unwound in bed,
nothing's longer than a kimono sash!

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