Morning! (Actually, it’s…

Morning! (Actually, it's afternoon, but let's pretend...)

I've been on the weirdest schedule lately. Going to bed around 9 pm (instead of my standard 11-12) and getting up around 5-6 am. Actually seems like it might be good for me -- for no good reason I tend to be in a much better mood during daylight hours. Maybe I'll keep it up.

Went to dance class yesterday! Good for me. :-) Am sore and achy but not actually in serious pain -- an improvement from last time. Maybe I'm slowly getting back into shape? The class is now going to meet twice a week, which is exciting. So next Thursday I'd better go. If you're in the Philly area and interested in beginner jazz, this is a great class with a fabulous teacher -- Koresh dance center, 6:00 Mon and Thurs.

Other than that, not much to report. Read an awful trashy romance yesterday, Love and Splendour. The only reason I read it was a) for the first half of the book I was stuck downtown with nothing else to read and b) because having gotten that far, I felt like I had to finish it, even after coming home to my groaning bookshelves. Ah well -- at least I only paid 75 cents for it. Anyone want it?

Only other real news is that a) I'm meeting with a friend of a friend tonight who claims he has a 'business opportunity' for me -- I'll tell you about it if it turns out to be interesting, and b) I decided that in addition to the exercise, I should probably cut down my fat intake if I want to be truly pumped. Anyone know the fat count on a slice of whole wheat bread, an egg, and a cranberry muffin? (You'd think there'd be a good chart on the web somewhere, but I haven't even been able to find a basic one).

2:00 - Hey, the other poem I wrote yesterday, Blue Spring Thinking, has just been accepted for the April issue of MAKAR, that webzine I mentioned yesterday. Coolness. Talk about immediate gratification. :-)

Oh, and to modify what I was complaining about, there is a semi-decent nutrition chart maintained by the USDA -- it's only problem, is that most of its values are giving per 100 grams, not per reasonable serving. Bit of a nuisance, but better than nothing...

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