Hey, everyone. Very lazy…

Hey, everyone. Very lazy weekend -- hung out, cleaned my apartment, did some origami, read a bunch of stuff (Akira comics - fun paranoid Japanese post-holocaust sf stuff), Austen's Pride and Prejudice - I keep meaning to go see that movie -- it's probably out of theatres already, but the book was a satiric delight, as always with Austen, and Delany's Tales of Neveryon -- pure pleasure, as always when reading Delany (I wrote my BA thesis basically on him); this particular book of short stories combines masterful storytelling with philosophy and worldbuilding), made potato gnocchi (I used a recipe similar to the first one in the list on this page) which I will never do again unless I have several people to help -- my recipe said to knead well, and even though I halved the recipe, it was a lot of work.

Had a couple people over to brunch Sunday, then went to Amy's for Irish folk singing and her yummy colcannon (baked potato, cabbage and cheese -- trust me, it's good) in celebration of St. Patrick's day (not that any of us were Irish :-).

Basically a good though lazy weekend (I was feeling virtuous, having mailed out six grad school apps in the week before), except for Saturday night, when for no good reason I sunk into the worst funk I've been in in years. Felt as if the world was a horrible place, love never lasts, friendship is fleeting, etc. and so on, you know how it goes. I was fine in the morning, and I really have no idea what brought that on. Glad I don't feel like that all the time...

Dance class tonight. Yell at me if I don't go. Added two new links to my home page -- electronic rights and Top 100 SF/Fantasy List.

3:00 - Wrote a new poem: The Case Against Entropy, Take 2 (or 200, or 2 million)

Castles in the air, you accuse. Don't I know that
Yesterday was never as sweet as remembered; childhood
Nights are full of monsters and schoolyard bully fears.
Ice cream is fattening. Love is entangling. And
Charities skim off at least 98%. Be brave! Face the facts!
All dreams must die, you claim. But I pull you to me,
Laughing. Bravery, I whisper, is dreaming in spite of it all.

4:00 - Just read a lovely story in the March issue of MAKAR -- check out Michael Gates's "Sleep".

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