I’ve been approved to…

I've been approved to write web reviews - $5/review for 75-150 words. Seems like a good deal to me -- let's hope they like the reviews and offer me more. :-)

Life otherwise is still good -- had a good dance class last night (they're always good, actually -- the only problem is talking myself into going to them -- I've been pretty virtuous the last couple of weeks, though), then came home and watched the Academy Awards for a while. Really happy about the Chuck Jones lifetime achievement award -- he well deserves it for that animation. Was a little disappointed that Apollo 13 didn't win best picture -- oh well... At least they had Whoopi Goldberg hosting them -- I adore her. :-) And Emma Thompson and Robin Williams were both fabulous introducers, as expected.

I only watched about half, but someone who watched the whole thing posted this to a private mailing list I read: "The Oscars were such a treat last night. Not only did one of the technical winners thank his male lover, but after the presentation of the song "Have you Ever Really Loved a Woman?", Whoopi, the host of the show, said: "If I told you the answer to that question, would you still be my friend?" and then smirked in a way only she can. ::snap::
Whoopi may be the most visible bisexual on the planet now!"

Another small step...didn't I say she was cool? :-)

Not much else to say -- slow day. Hope you all are doing well...

3:30 -- Added a bunch of new links to the home page miscellaneous...

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