Red letter day! Not only…

Red letter day! Not only am I going to be interviewed for Forum Magazine, but my editor ok'd my article on erotica writers of the internet! Hooray hoorah! Nice addition to my rent money, and it should be a fun piece to write. I'm starting to feel like a writer again...

On the other hand, feeling like a writer also sort of involves making me want to go hide a closet with my computer, and so all the lovely people in my life are irritating the heck out of me. Isn't it too bad that you can't just tell a love that now isn't a good time for them to have a crisis because you have to finish writing this chapter (reading this book, making dinner, watching television, playing Might and Magic...)? Well, you can, but if you pull it too often or for inconsequential reasons, you'll almost certainly have trouble on your hands. Maybe I should date more people like Kevin (the semi-perfect stoic, he hardly ever has crises. Like 2 in 4 years). Of course, you can't exactly choose the people you fall in love with. And if you could, you'd probably make bad choices (though there are days when I wish I could combine the good qualities of people into one perfect person -- Kevin's patience, David's neatness, Karina's affection, etc. and so on (and delete the bad qualities, which of course I'm not going to list here :-)).

Saw Jumanji last night. Loved it. I don't want to hear any critique of it, 'cause I enjoyed it immensely and don't want anything to detract from that enjoyment. I got to revert to being a terrified 10-yr-old + I got Robin Williams, whom I adore (want to hear strange? Here's a list of my favorite actors: Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Emma Thompson, Matthew Broderick, Sean Connery, and Anthony Hopkins). We had planned to see Toy Story, but it wasn't playing downtown (Philly has not enough movie theatres!) and I can't say I regret the result. Serendipitous! (Did you know that that word comes from Serendip, which used to be a name of Sri Lanka?)

I've definitely decided to start the porn/erotica market list/newsletter/ gossip column thingie. So if you're a professional writer, artist, model, photographer in the field (or want to be) drop me a note and I'll add you to my list of interested people.

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