Got a very nice…

Got a very nice rejection from Terra Incognita -- the 'we like your work, but don't feel this piece is suitable for us, please send us more' rejection. If you can't get something accepted, this is the next best thing.

The weather is gorgeous. Not everyone would agree with me, but it's raining buckets and it's warm! Warm enough to throw on a warm shirt and go dance in the rain! I happened to be wearing a bright red shirt and black leggings today, and when I threw on my blue/green plaid highlander cloak and went walking off to work (singing, no less), I felt like a character out of a fairy tale (and the people who saw me no doubt thought I was insane. Which is fine -- poets are allowed a divine madness. :-)

So far two of my interviewees have responded -- it looks like this has a potential to be a really good article. If only the editor (very nice guy) would let me do a longer one -- but I guess he has his own constraints. I should be grateful that a hard-core mag even prints articles.

I managed to kick everyone out of the house last night and got to spend some quality time with my cat (black, originally named Chandi (another name for Kali, Hindu goddess of death and destruction), but renamed Kitten, because Kevin seems incapable of calling cats anything but Cat or Kitten (sigh)) and myself. Also did some dishes. :-) Good for me.

I've got a song stuck in my head. Ever heard Four Strong Winds? It's a lovely piece.

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