Sleep, glorious…

Sleep, glorious sleep...:-) Feel much better. Bright and chipper and cheery and ready to roll up the sleeves and do some actual work (so what am I doing instead? Writing this diary. :-)

Someone wrote and asked for more details on the Con. Well, I found Arisia very helpful -- I spent some time talking to Will Shetterly (who pretty regularly posts to rec.arts.sf.written) and his wife, Emma Bull (who wrote the fabulous novel, War for the Oaks which they've apparently recently done a screenplay for and are about to start shipping around to filmmakers -- cross your fingers -- it could be an amazing film!) They were both very nice and friendly and helpful (strongly recommended that I attend ReaderCon and the summer con in Minnesota (where they live)) and I also got to hear Emma open for Boiled in Lead (go get their CD's if you like Celtic rock!) as half of the duo Flashgirls (I did buy their CD, and am very happy with it. They were a little rocky at the live concert but sound terrific on the CD). I don't think Firebird Arts and Music carries it, so contact them directly if you're interested.

I attended many many panels, as I said before, and in fact got drafted to be on the Asian folklore panel (not just 'cause I'm Sri Lankan, but because I studied a lot of that stuff in college). My favorites were probably the Retelling Fairytales panel (very popular), the net culture panels (though we ended up arguing a lot, and they probably should be broken up into smaller panels next year), the Plotting a Novel panel (we continued with the material from the earlier Build a World panel, and plotted the first third of a novel -- definitely could have used another hour or three, and it was great fun), and the various genre panels (I'm starting to learn a little bit about horror -- there appears to be a wealth of quality material out there that I just knew nothing about). I also got to meet Jane Yolen, which was an honor and a pleasure (she's an amazing storyteller), and it was a shame she had to go home sick midway through Saturday.

Life has now returned mostly to its regularly scheduled programming. More specifically, I watched two hours of figure skating last night (the Rock and Roll Figure Skating Competition), which was a lot of fun. Chris Hamilton is adorable, and Katarina Witt is lovely. I'm very fond of athletes. :-) Had French bread pizza for dinner - great if you're feeling lazy or feeding a bunch of people with different tastes. Just buy or make tomato sauce and chop up a bunch of toppings and chunks of French bread and let everyone make and bake their own pizzas.

Am spending much too much time playing Might and Magic (though not as much as poor David, (first I addicted him to Warlords, now Might and Magic :-) who is going to be ahead of me soon, since he neither works nor studies (must be nice!). As for the other people in my life, Karina is not sleeping well, and so is cranky -- she also is not fond of Kevin's new attempt at a beard. I'm reserving judgement for a few weeks until it grows out more, though I suspect I won't like it either. Looks odd on him, but it's very nice to have him home regardless. We're balanced again and all's well with the world. (Now if my editor would just get back to town...)

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