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Election Day

Tomorrow is election day in America. I’ve been re-watching The West Wing all the way through — I have it half-memorized at this point, since this is at least my fourth rewatch. I’ve just gotten to the point where Republican Walken is saying to C.J Cregg that he truly believes “the things that unite us …

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A Tremendous Education

Have just finished what I suspect will be my last annual budget board meeting for the Oak Park library, since it’s unlikely that I’ll run again for this seat in the spring. It’s been a tremendous education for me, learning what goes into running a big library (with two branches), and I just want to …

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Watch this Space

Took two hours out this morning to be part of a political gathering (via Zoom) about the spring local elections. Terrific, energizing group, really excited that we’re going to have some strong candidates (not incidentally, all people of color) to put forward soon. Watch this space. 

Not So Little Victories

Here’s a not-so-little victory — election day is now a holiday in Illinois. Students, go vote. Everybody, go vote. “The Office of the Registrar has adjusted the Academic Calendar for Fall 2020 to reflect the new holiday voted into law in Illinois: Nov. 3rd, Election Day. No classes will be held on Nov. 3rd, 2020.”

A project that crystallized last week

So, I think I’m ready to talk a little about this new project that crystallized last week. (Photo of dragonfruit chocolate bars ‘crystallized’ for inspiration.)   There are multiple elements coming together in this, things I’ve been working on and thinking about for a long time. I’m still not positive of what the final shape …

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This country

I woke up panicked yesterday from a dream where I was profusely and tearfully apologizing to Ruth Bader Ginsburg for our fucking up the last election so badly and quite possibly the next one, such that she had to desperately try to keep working at a time when she ought to be able to just …

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