Campaign Things I Have Finally Done Today:

– asked Jed to fix my campaign website address
– wrote apologetic note to campaign volunteer saying super sorry for being super slow
– told her yes I am committing to the postcard mailing costs
– waffled and then sent her some potential text for postcards

– sent her photo for postcards

(All of the above took no more than 30 minutes, I think, and yet it’s taken me several DAYS to make myself do it, sigh.)


Campaign things I still have to do (might happen tonight, might happen tomorrow):

– revise my campaign website and fill in a bunch of missing stuff
– talk to finance peeps about financial / legal requirements for campaign

– start seriously figuring out who will be hosting yard signs for me


Things that won’t happen ’til Monday, but really need to happen then:

– open campaign bank account
– start actually fundraising for campaign (with hope of finishing fundraising within a day or two, because I’d rather not spend weeks on this, this time around) — goal of $4500.

– order yard signs


Once I do all that, I’ll be reasonably in good shape for the campaign, I think. Onwards.

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