DPOP Candidate Forum

In DPOP candidate forum right now on Zoom, listening to the questions for the Village President candidates (my turn will come). They were talking about economic recovery and the budget, and I suddenly wondered whether, in the same way the federal government passes economic stimulus packages, that ever happens at a local municipality level.

For example, let’s say that tax levy is 3% normally. Oak Park could, in theory, levy 3.1%, and then take those extra funds raised, and redistribute them as cash recovery grants to the population (like the coming $1400 federal grant, just passed as part of the America Rescue plan). They could just do it directly per person or per household, or target hard-hit businesses, etc.

If I’m thinking about this correctly, it should work out in a progressive taxation kind of way — for individual grants, for example, the wealthy would pay a significant amount, the upper-middle would essentially get the extra tax back in the cash grant, so a wash for them, and the middle-to-low-income would get a significant economic boost.

Maybe it’s not done because it’d be such a small amount of funds transfer, and there’s enough cost to implementing the process that it wouldn’t be wortwhile? Would be curious. Thoughts?

(It’s a good thing I’m not running for Village Trustee or President, as this would be rather a fox among the chickens moment, tossing this question out three weeks before the election…)

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