Garden Journal


So last night I tried the microwave technique for pressing flowers, and it worked pretty well. They throw off a lot of moisture in the process, so any books you use will get a bit wrinkly, and possibly have bits of flower gunk stuck in them afterwards. I’m okay with that. 🙂 I let them …

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Okay, I know I’ve hit a certain threshold of not giving a damn, because when I decided I wanted to start on pressing some flowers tonight for a craft project, and it was a bit chilly out for my nightshirt, I just threw on a fuzzy grey polka-dotted bathrobe and *slippers* and went out into …

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Lilac and Columbine

Serendib garden journal: I love to travel, but it is hard to leave when the garden is blooming — I’m always afraid of missing something. When I left, the columbines and bleeding hearts were in full swing, but I could see that the irises were about to start, and the lilacs were beginning to bloom. …

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Moving Day

Serendib garden journal: I have moved: one metal arch, one stone water feature, two bunches of double tulips, two Raspberry Splash pulmonaria, one Jack Frost brunnera, five columbine, and one heuchera. It took about an hour, and the garden looks SO much better, I can’t even tell you. I can show you after pictures, but …

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Early May

This is a sampling of what’s actually blooming now: Mount Tacoma, Angelique and Blue Diamond tulips, pulmonaria (Raspberry Splash, I think), jacob’s ladder, and Jack Frost brunnera, which really brightens up a shady corner. The Mount Tacoma white double tulip is an heirloom, pre-1924; I like to think that it’s happy to be here, with …

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These are from a few weeks ago; it got a bit hectic here! Viburnum, first in bud and then in bloom, peach blooms and apple (I think? maybe cherry?) buds, checkered fritillary with Ollioules tulips. The viburnum had a lovely scent; the peach buds are just a ridiculously pretty color.