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Garden Log 2/2/21

Garden log 2/2/21. Next step in seed starting — figuring out when I’m supposed to start various seeds, putting them in piles, labelling them. Definitely easier with some seed companies than others — Botanical Interests nicely puts that info on the back, along with recommendations on whether it’s better to start those seeds indoors or […]

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Garden Log 1/28/21

I’m trying to figure out which of my plants will easily propagate from cuttings; with grow lights in the basement, I’d love to set up a propagation station down there, to make more plants for myself, or others. I’m guessing all of these will relatively easily propagate from cuttings, but I’m not positive. Advice welcome!

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Garden Log 1/24/21

I’m trying to be a BIT more frugal with my plant-buying right now, as pandemic frustration has led to a bit of an explosion in discretionary spending in our household; we need to be a little more careful. So when I found myself on Etsy recently perusing all the fabulous succulents you can buy, visions

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Garden Log 1/12/21

I spent a while on White Flower Farm’s hellebore page, deciding which hellebore I wanted to add to my collection (photo at left from last spring). Hellebores are expensive — generally about $25-$30 each, which is pretty high, even for a perennial. I’m assuming that’s mostly because it takes some time before they’re large enough

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Native seeds

Locals, stop by today! I bought these native seeds last year from Prairie Moon, intending to sow them outdoors in the fall; didn’t get around to it, so I was thinking I’d try the cold stratification method. I’m happy to split the seed packets if anyone stopping by today wants to take some to try!

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