Garden Log 1/24/21

I’m trying to be a BIT more frugal with my plant-buying right now, as pandemic frustration has led to a bit of an explosion in discretionary spending in our household; we need to be a little more careful. So when I found myself on Etsy recently perusing all the fabulous succulents you can buy, visions of walls covered in trailing vines dancing in my head, I sternly told myself that I should at least *try* propagating the trailing succulent I already had.

I had some little glass jars on hand already, that I’d picked up years ago just for this, so I snipped a few strands (not sure which plant this is, maybe string of bananas?), tucked them into water, and hung them up near the seed starting grow lights in the basement. If they don’t start developing roots within a few days, I may go to the effort of digging around to figure out where I put the little thing of rooting hormone I picked up at the same time as the little bottles, though from what I’ve heard, plants often don’t need that?

I’m pretty new to propagation by cuttings, so tips are very welcome. I love the idea, though, that I can stick bits of my plants in water and end up with new plants. If this goes well, I have some plans to start a lot of these and just give them away in the local garden club group. It’s one of the best things about plants, that they make it so easy to be generous. 🙂

Root, babies. Root!

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