Garden Log 1/13/21

Thanks to Maria Teresa McKee posting, I realized I didn’t have to wait another month to start seeds; I had some micro greens and micro tom tomatoes that I could start now. Exciting. I think I started these 4 days ago, and when I went down yesterday, I was delighted to see so much fresh new green.

The process:

– buy replacement Jiffy packs to go in these little plastic Jiffy self-watering greenhouses from last year (a good investment for forgetful & scattered me, as I’d definitely have trouble watering daily — they have a reservoir at the bottom, and a piece of felt that wicks water up to the roots of the plants)
– put one soil/coir pack in each slot and add hot water to hydrate them
– realize at 50mm, they’re twice as big as needed for micro greens, so cut them in half to stretch further
– put a layer of seeds in each one, and cover with a bit of soil

– cover greenhouse and put on heating mat, under grow lights (with the lights lowered to be as close to the seeds as possible)

The heating mat isn’t strictly necessary, but it helps with germination. As you can see, the micro greens (Jazzy mix) responded enthusiastically. The mini beet greens are going a little slower, but I’m assuming they’ll keep growing, and aren’t they a lovely shade of red? I’m going to do something very pretty with them — I’m thinking maybe a composed salad with grilled shrimp and a little pile of pretty beet greens on top?

Now I just have to figure out how I’m supposed to harvest these. Is it time now, for the micro greens? Do I just snip some off and add them to a sandwich? I feel like they’d disappear in a salad… How would you use them?

I still have some little baggies of Jazzy mix and beet green seeds to give away, if anyone local wants to try them! Porch pick-up!

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