A Stroll with the Stars

I agreed to do Stroll with the Stars, which I think is mostly a way of getting con-goers to get a little exercise instead of sitting all convention in panels. But it gave me an excuse to visit the Bean, which I rarely get to do; I’m very fond of it, despite the artist’s obnoxiousness. …

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A Decent Irish Hack

I came into the con already tired, which isn’t ideal, but I found a decent hack — an Irish coffee midday both perked me up and relaxed sore muscles that had just done a lot of cooking. Better living through chemistry. (The other drink is Emmanuel‘s — I wasn’t double-fisting them, I swear). Had a …

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My Other Family

I didn’t make a speech, as such, but I did say a few words before presenting my award. Give a writer a microphone… This is what I said. ***** “When I was ten years old, I saw a flyer at my local library for a Star Trek mini con, and with much begging, I persuaded …

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Congrats to a Former Student

Congrats to my former student, Emily C. Skaftun, signing her first book at WorldCon! Many more to come… Living Forever and Other Terrible Ideas:…/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_hsch_vapi…

Half-awake Autographing

Half-awake, but I’m at your autographing table, ready to sign your books! Larry Smith Books in the dealers room has one hardcover of Feast, one paperback of Feast, and two copies of The Stars Change left. Toastmaster Annalee Newitz gave a lovely shout-out to the book on stage.

An Appreciated River View

Sorry, forgot to post ChiCon schedule yesterday. But it went pretty well! • Saturday, 9/3, 8:30 a.m. — BTQIA: The Less-Discussed Letters — Grand Hall K I did fine with bi representation, I think, though I stumbled a bit when trying to ask questions about trans / intersex / asexual stuff of my fellow panelists …

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My ChiCon Schedule

Hey, folks. Here’s my ChiCon schedule. If you’re a friend attending (whether or not you’re on programming), would love to know you’re coming! I’m planning to mostly hang in the bar, whenever I’m not scheduled, per usual… ***** • Thursday, 9/1, 10 a.m. — Libraries in SFF — Airmeet 1 (which I assume means virtual) …

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