Didn’t stay up too late last night.

(Midnight, late for me, but not for a con), so I was awake enough to go to Steven Barnes‘s 9 a.m. tai chi class. I haven’t tried tai chi before – it was good. I’d like to do more of it. Steven teaches well.

It turns out that I breathe poorly, which I suppose isn’t surprising. I carry masses of tension in my shoulders and neck, and when I breathe in, I tend to suck the air up into my chest, instead of letting it gather in my belly. Steven wants me to lie on the floor with a book on my stomach and practice breathing at least five times a day, so I can retrain my body to stop reversing what it’s supposed to be doing. I suspect it would be good for me. Will I actually do it? We’ll see.

I’m back in my room now, continuing to read my novel out loud. I’m not going as fast as I would like, and may not finish it while I’m here. It’s okay – I should be able to finish this week. Am a little frustrated now because chapter 4 is feeling repetitious and slow to me, but I can’t figure out what I can cut without losing something important to character development. Gah. I need an editor, I think.

But for now, onwards. I can loop back to this later if I come up with a solution.

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