Home again.

Have a little time before I need to go teach, so posting a few trip photos. The Sheraton in Kansas City is connected through a long passage (I think I heard someone say it’s a half mile) to a shopping mall, and also another hotel. With a little waterfall! I spent a while hanging out at the Starbucks one morning and working on the novel.

It’s also right across from an aquarium and Legoland, and I admit, I was tempted by both. But in the end, prioritized conventioning instead. Nice layout, though, if you’re visiting Kansas City and want to be central, especially if traveling with kids.

I was a little chilly, and I did buy myself a scarf in the shopping mall. 🙂 The caesar salad is just to document that I did TRY to eat healthy on the trip, but I could only make myself order a salad once. It’s hard when it’s cold.

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