Sequel to “Expulsion,” tentatively titled “Fated.”

Weirdly exhausted. Maybe it’s all the gardening I’ve been doing because it’s shockingly warm out right now, maybe it’s the emotional weight of the last few weeks. I don’t know. But I think I may need to try to nap or at least rest if I’m going to make it through the school board meeting tonight.

One good thing today — I revised a story and submitted it, so fingers crossed. I’m pretty happy with it, I think. Sequel to “Expulsion,” tentatively titled “Fated.” (Definitely has spoilers for “Expulsion,” so read that one first! It’s at Sunday Morning Transport.)


Appa waited in a flyer outside the courthouse door, careful to avoid any chance of being recorded by passersby. It wouldn’t help the family business for him to be associated with his criminal daughter. The door irised open for her and Anju climbed inside.

He asked, “They’re recording?”

Anju raised her hand, displaying the golden bangle that fit over her wrist. Too tight to slide off. “Audio and video. The judge didn’t think I needed to have my chip monitored.” A fragment of privacy left to her.

Her father grunted. He’d be careful with his words. “I saw the sentence on the news. Expulsion off-planet in three days.”

“I can appeal.”

He frowned. “We’ll discuss it when we get home.”


(Pics: magnolia bud, dwarf peach buds. Tricky taking photos of buds with phone — it doesn’t want to focus in on the buds, wants to focus on the branches behind.)

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