Sprained Ankle Notwithstanding

Arrived Honolulu, got a fair bit of work done on the 9 hr flight, good. Also watched Ticket to Paradise, Julia Roberts and George Clooney in Bali, basically an argument for abandoning your life and moving to a beautiful tropical island. I feel Jamaica Kincaid would have something biting to say about that, but it is hard to deny the appeal. I hope the Bali Tourism Board is happy with the increased influx.

Waiting to board little flight to Kauai, where Jed and I are having a brief weekend writing retreat, before I come back to Honolulu to do my events at University of Hawaii. My life, it’s pretty great sometimes, sprained ankle notwithstanding. It’s 8:30 p.m. Chicago time, so I’ve clocked off work for the day and let myself have a glass of cab with my pizza, and I am feeling just fine, my darlings, even if the ankle aches just a little bit.

Wheelchair from United to Hawaiian Airlines was absolutely needed; it was far!

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