A Teaching Outfit for Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, peeps. This was my teaching outfit yesterday — today, I’m just in sweats, since I plan to be on my computer most of the day, hanging out on the couch. You get a close-up of my pendant because a random undergrad I passed in the hallway told me she loved my pendant, and it brightened a tiring day. Random compliments are lovely (if given appropriately).

Darius is working here this morning, putting away the Serendib stuff from the weekend, getting some book and curry powder orders in the mail. We’re going to get everything downstairs, and then I’ll have him bring the scooter down, and then I’ll scoot myself down, and then direct him in putting things away. There may be a flash sale — we’ll see if I have energy to photograph and post. If so, it’d probably start around noon?

I have a few pieces from the last one that I plan to get in the mail today — if you’re waiting on those, thanks for your patience! The ankle really slowed me down!

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