Not Loving It

Wednesday, we did intros in my creative writing classes — I have them put a beloved book (or short story, or TV show, or movie) on the board, and then we go around and they talk about what they like about it; it works a lot better for me than the more standard kinds of generic intros, since they get a chance to be enthusiastic (and specific) about something they love.

Interestingly, this time around, 4 of my 30 students (two classes) all had the same book, Six of Crows, by Leigh Bardugo. So I bought it, and started reading it (because I try to stay at least vaguely in touch with my students, which gets harder and harder the older I get), and I have to admit, I am not loving it, people.

I did watch and enjoy Shadow and Bone last year, which I gather basically takes her two series (a duopoly and a trilogy) and merges them, and apparently Bardugo herself has said that the show is better than her books, and I kind of believe it.

A friend is reading her new adult books (magic set at Yale), and really likes them, so maybe I’ll give those a try. Some writers do get better over time, and it seems like she’s one of them.

I wish I were confident that I’ve gotten better over time! 30 years in, and I’m honestly not sure I have…

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