Castles Bag

Last zippered bag for now — after this, I think I’ll try to learn something else. Cold-press soap has been on my to-do list for several months, so maybe I’ll give my back a little break from sewing…

Scale is hard to convey here, but this is the largest bag, 8″ x 9″. I wanted it to be big enough to show a lot of the pattern, because I love what the artist did here, and while it was charming on masks, it always frustrated me a bit that the mask could only display a small portion of the pattern. This bag is big enough for a trade paperback book, or a Kindle, or many snacks. Maybe a Kindle AND snacks? 🙂

It’ll be in tomorrow’s flash sale, which I’ll start around 10 CST. (Around because today I woke up at 6, and went back to bed, then woke up at 8, then went back to bed, then didn’t actually wake up again until 10:15, which was VERY WEIRD for me, but I think my body thinks I could really use the sleep…

Fabric is “Castles,” by fabric_rocks, link in comments.

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