Ending the Year Strong

Good morning so far! Ending the year strong. 🙂 So far today, I’ve:

• gotten up and read a little (T. Kingfisher’s _Summer in Orcus_)
• gotten dressed and had tea and breakfast (chicken-and-potato curry on toast, mmm….) and meds
• went out to the shed and put the space heater on, turned on the electric blanket
• sewed a silver-grey tea towel with my Starry Woods pattern
• came back out to the shed to work!
• put up the flash sale (see previous post)
• dealt with a somewhat difficult eldercare thing

Time for a break — going to do a little treadmill + TV, I think; I’m watching a ridiculous show on Netflix called The Recruit, in which a hapless new recruit to the CIA gets involved in increasingly improbable life-threatening antics.

Then lunch, sew a flash sale bag for Liza, ship her bags out to her, wrap presents (Kevin and the kids and I decided to exchange presents after we got back to town, so we’re doing that this evening), and then come back to the shed to work on the SLF end-of-year letter. There’s a lot to sum up! And after that, revising screenplay, hopefully. Onwards.

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