A Complicated Halloween

And that’s a wrap on Halloween — didn’t quite give away all the candy, but pretty darn close, and the rest will be consumed by hungry undergrads and grad students on Wednesday. I want to say something like 75 kids?

Since we don’t get hundreds of trick-or-treaters on our block, we tell the kids they can take a handful, and they say, really? and we say, yes, really — it’s pretty funny seeing the teens’ eyes light up as they dig in and grab an astonishingly large handful. 🙂

Not our busiest year, not our quietest. I need more lights for the yard, I think — once it gets dark, it’s hard to tell that we’re still there, giving out candy.

Ellie and Arya hung out on the porch most of the time, and were very popular with the kids. Lots of people wanted to take photos of them, and lots of kids asked if they could pet them. Ellie loves petting; Arya darts away before they can even get close. Cute!

It was a pretty complicated Halloween this year — Kevin and I both had afternoon teaching, but he finished enough before me that he could get the early trick-or-treaters (with Anand covering some of it too), and then I could do the late shift after teaching was over.

Anand was old enough to trick-or-treat without an adult this year, which helped, and Kavi just needed to be dropped off at a party, which I managed, though boy, I do not like driving on Halloween — going to try to avoid that in future!

Been going pretty intensively since start of day (including about 90 minutes talking to a local candidate about running for office). But tomorrow is much less scheduled; I’ve taken cough syrup with codeine just now, so hopefully I’ll actually sleep tonight instead of coughing half the night. Fingers crossed.

Lots to do before leaving for World Fantasy on Thursday; I’d really prefer not to be exhausted when I’m doing it…

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