Sewing a Sari Blouse: 8 of 11

Last simple step of the night — attaching the front and back at the shoulder seams. They said to be sure to stitch two lines; I’m guessing that’s for extra stability?

The instructions to all this feel a lot like the technicals on GBBO — they’re not really anywhere near enough information for a beginner, but if you’ve done all the elements before, it gives you just enough that you can probably muddle through, if you take it step-by-step. (If anyone knows of good sari blouse-sewing tutorials on YouTube, etc., please do feel free to drop them in comments.)

I paused at this point to try it on — it’s not closed at the sides, yet, but I can at least estimate that it might actually fit, which was a relief — I had taken my measurements before selecting the pattern, but it’s still a little nerve-wracking, putting together the jigsaw and not being sure that you’ll be able to get into the completed picture. Tentatively, I think I will be, so yay.

I was tired enough at this point that I was much too intimidated to face the sleeves (and also sort of thinking I should’ve done a tank-style sari blouse instead for my first try, sigh). So I stopped for the night. I might finish it today, if time permits; I might not. We’ll see!


We’re not really doing much of anything for Halloween other than handing out candy at the door — no party this year. (Well, Kavi is going to a party, and Anand is going trick-or-treating, but *I’m* not doing anything.) So I might not dress up tonight — I’m still sick and coughing, and the cough was bad enough last night that it really disrupted my sleep, so I’m dragging today.

Reminder that ‘culture is not a costume’ — putting on a sari, and especially wearing a bindi (without understanding the religious / cultural history involved), aren’t really appropriate to do as Halloween costumes.

I admit, there were at least a few years when I was a kid that I did throw on a sari for Halloween because it was easy, and I might’ve even had a white friend or two join me, so I’m not saying you’re a terrible person if you’ve done that. But we can do better now, I think.

And hey, if you wanted to cosplay a particular South Asian historical figure or literary figure or superhero who typically wears a sari, I think that would be absolutely fine. You could even dress up as Aarti, the Moon Maid, from my Wild Cards Joker Moon story! But skip the brownface, please.

I haven’t told you yet what my outfit / costume is going to be, have I? Well, you’re going to have to wait and see if it really comes together the way I’m envisioning it. Fingers crossed.

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