Sewing a Sari Blouse: 1 of 11

So before I got sick, I’d set aside today as a sewing day, with nothing else scheduled, so I could try making a proper sari blouse for the first time. In theory, along with a sari, it’s both my Halloween costume (just for standing at the door and giving out candy) and something I’ll wear at World Fantasy next week.

I’m now expanding the allocated time to tomorrow as well, because I don’t want to push myself too hard while convalescing. It’s never a good idea to try a new sewing thing in a rush or without your full attention, because that way lies disaster.

Step so far:

a) wash and dry fabric — DONE (I have two, one simple broadcloth, one brocade; I’m planning to do the broadcloth one first as a test, but it should be something I would actually wear too)

b) print out instructions and pattern — DONE

c) tape together pattern pieces — DONE (I think they had some errors in their labelling, but the pictures made it clear enough)

d) cut out pattern pieces — DONE

Overall, I’d say this was pretty straightforward for anyone who’s done something like this before, but the instructions are probably not sufficient for a total beginner. You’d be fine if you had someone around to talk you through it, though.

Next step, pinning to fabric and cutting.

Blouse pattern here (be sure to get the right one for your size):…/saree-blouses-round-deep…

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