Mary Anne, the Sickly

Gah, Kavi brought home a cold, which I have now caught. She was sick Saturday-Tuesday (and has gone cheerfully off to school today), and I started coughing yesterday (worse today, sigh, sounds like croup), so I have some hope to be done with it by the weekend. Roshani (local doctor friend) says there’s a roughly 5-day thing going around.

Have cancelled morning e-mail Zoom meeting (because I can’t talk for more than two minutes without cough), have cancelled and rescheduled today’s mammogram, have told students I’ll be Zooming in for today’s classes, have let school board know I’m Zooming in for tomorrow night’s meeting, am going to try to tuck myself up in bed or the couch with the humidifier going and try to take it easy. Roshani thinks I should also reschedule flu shot and COVID booster for Saturday, so I guess I’ll do that too.

Hate getting sick. Am very prone to autumn/winter colds; I typically get 3-4 a season. Had a few years break from it when everyone was home. Sigh.

I don’t feel as bad as this skeleton looks, but I don’t feel good, and apparently, I need to whine about it.

– Mary Anne, the sickly

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