Garden Log 10/25/22

I brought up the amaryllises from the basement, set them up in the sunny living room, and watered them all. We’ll see whether they come back — in theory, I think I was supposed to give them a little water every month (or throw some ice cubes in) while they sat in the basement for the last nine months, but I did not.

They seem somewhat dry, but at least some of them still have visible green, so at this point, it’s wait-and-see. I’m guessing that even if they do grow, they won’t be as strong and floriferous as they would be if they hadn’t dried out for so long, but I’m really not sure, because I’m fairly new to trying to hold over amaryllises. Fingers crossed.

The new paperwhites I planted last week are starting to shoot up, so that’s nice. 🙂 Plant a few paperwhites every two weeks through the winter for continuous blooms.

And the pink turmeric flowers just go and go and go — they’ve looked basically the same for a couple of months now, but a third spike has slowly emerged; you can’t see it in the pic, because it’s behind the other two, but it’s got a bud on it that’s starting to open.

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