Autumn Vibes for Teaching

Autumn vibes for teaching yesterday. I’ve been trying not to buy clothes because I have enough clothes, but occasionally I succumb to adorableness. I have a new velvet jumper — I can’t remember the last time I wore a jumper. It’s comfy!

(U.K. / Australia / etc. folks, Americans don’t mean ‘sweater’ when we say ‘jumper’. For us, THIS is a jumper.)

I also have new shoes with autumn leaves on them, and they are especially adorable, but I must warn you not to fall in love with them, unless you wear a size 7 (UK 5), as that’s the only size they have left. Links in comments.

My students approved of my outfit yesterday — I got cheerful compliments in BOTH classes when I walked in. My students are so cute. 🙂

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