Garden Log 9/28/22

Night-time temperatures are starting to drop, so I’ve begun pulling my tropicals back inside. Usually this is a frantic process when I suddenly realize that we’re about to have a hard freeze; I thought I’d take it a little easier this year and bring them in bit by bit.

This one is turmeric, which typically blooms July-August; this one’s going a little longer this year. It’ll be a nice leafy houseplant for nine months of the year. If you grow turmeric, note that it tolerates quite wet soil — it has higher than normal watering needs for a houseplant.

Here’s some info on different ways to grow turmeric in colder climates:

In theory, you can harvest some of the rhizome and cook with it, but honestly, grocery store turmeric works just fine, so I probably wouldn’t bother typically. Might try it at some point just for fun, though!

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