Making a Sari – Pt. 3

Part 3! Here’s the finished blouse & sari / lehenga, at the conference hotel. I had a frenzied moment at one point when I thought I’d pack up my sewing machine and take it to the hotel to finish some of it better, and then I thought, no — do what you can at home, and be done. Be REASONABLE, Mary Anne. (If you can call any of this middle-of-the-night sewing reasonable…)

And you know, it was all pretty goofy, but it was also fine. It helped a LOT that I had gotten a great headpiece and dramatic earrings on Etsy, that really MADE the look. I ended up pinning another star earring to the blouse as a final touch, where it looked sort of like a star medal, so perhaps my star princess is part of some kind of Star Spaceforce. 🙂

But the whole thing was honestly really fun, despite the rather frenzied process and all the mistakes I made, and I admit that I’m now trying to figure out if I want to try again to make a sari and blouse for World Fantasy. I think people don’t tend to dress up as much for that convention, but there is an awards ceremony, and some people do get fancy. So I probably will take a stab at it, at least!

I’d like my next version to look a little less like a toga, though!

(And there typically would be a complementary / more dramatic fabric on the pallu of the sari, but that was also a little beyond me at that point….)

((And I TOTALLY ran out of time / energy to make a coordinating mask, ALAS.))

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