A Golden Mask

Okay, Mary Anne, so I’ve heard your trick of taking a dress that’s too long for you and cutting off six inches to get enough fabric to make a matching mask, but not everyone is 5′ tall — what about taller folks who don’t want their dresses any shorter than they already are?”

“No problem! Turn that dress into a tunic top!”

$10 Old Navy dress found on clearance, six inches removed and hemmed (15 minutes), two 6×9″ rectangles + filter fabric + nosepiece sewn into a mask (15 minutes).


Student on my walking into class today, “Do you have a matching mask for EVERY day you teach?”

(We are now in week 6 of the 15-week semester.)

Me: “Well, no promises. But I teach 2 days / week, and it takes me 15 minutes to make a mask, so possibly? I feel like I should get a prize if I make it all the way through the semester.”

Student: “You should get a gold mask!”

Me: “I agree!”

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