Waiting for Home

At Bradley, waiting for my flight home. My mom is doing somewhat better; she’s steadier on her feet than she was a few days ago, so that’s good. My sister and dad will be meeting with the lawyer to sign the eldercare paperwork next week, and I’ve put together a spreadsheet with all their financial info, so progress is being made.

I’m honestly a little exhausted, even though in some sense I didn’t do very much the last few days. Cooked a few meals for my parents (Amma really liked the tangy peppered beef stew, and my dad enjoyed the beef & potato curry and carrot curry), met with a lawyer, went through some financial paperwork.

But emotional work takes its toll. I’m going to be quite content to sit here for an hour and sip my cocktail and post ChiCon photos, I think — and then I might nap on the plane, if I get sleepy reading.

I’m reading Atul Gawande’s _Being Mortal_, and thank god it’s Gawande writing it, because he takes what would otherwise be a totally depressing topic and makes it interesting. He’s a treasure, and we are lucky to have him — thanks to those who recommended this book to me; I kind of think everyone should probably read it. More on that anon. (It’s free if you have Kindle Unlimited.)


Had a brief tea with Dan Foster this morning — was lovely to catch up on his life and family from the last several years. Hope we don’t let so much time go by before we see each other again. Thanks for swinging by the house, Dan!

I tried a CT Aviation (Waypoint Gin from Bloomfield, CT, fresh lemon juice, Maraschino liqueur (clear instead of dark red, which I find disconcerting), Bols Parfait Amor (a blue floral liqueur) here in the airport, which is interesting, but I think I like a classic Aviation better.

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