A Fun Convention

Registered for World Fantasy in New Orleans, pencilled in NASFIC in Winnipeg 2023, WorldCon in Chengdu, China in 2023, WorldCon in Glasgow in 2024. Onwards. 🙂 My next con will be WindyCon here in Chicagoland (Nov 11-13 in Lombard) — more about that soon! https://www.windycon.org/

I’m glad that Emmanuel Henderson and Darius Vinesar were able to join me for ChiCon, since it was in Chicago; I don’t know if the SLF will be in a position to cover their convention expenses anytime soon, but that’d be great. We’ll see!

So fun having them here this convention — I think Darius learned a bunch about podcasting at panels and such, and Emmanuel has been a marketing FORCE for both me and the SLF.

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