My Other Family

I didn’t make a speech, as such, but I did say a few words before presenting my award. Give a writer a microphone…

This is what I said.


“When I was ten years old, I saw a flyer at my local library for a Star Trek mini con, and with much begging, I persuaded my father to let me go. I walked the dealer’s row, watched the vids, read the fanzines, and fell in love.

I’ve been to many cons since then, and many WorldCons, and I’ve even been a nominee, sitting out there with my stomach in knots, but this is my first time up on this stage.

So much of the work I value most in this world, the visions that shape the future, has been created by people in this room.

And I just wanted to say that I have missed you all so much, the last few years, and it is such a pleasure and a privilege to be here with you now.”


I might’ve choked up a little on the last sentence, but y’all will forgive me, I think. This is my other family, and I really do feel tremendously lucky to have found them.

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