Fairies Are a Lot of Work

Patreon shipping day at Serendib House — Stephanie Bailey, Darius Vinesar, and Emmanuel Henderson are here to help me pack up and ship out the treat boxes.

My PLAN had been to finish these last week, before the semester started, but I didn’t quite make it, so this week has been somewhat more harried than I intended. Still, it’s done now, and I’m going to try not to think abut the next box for another month or so.

(Which is hard, because I totally want to start thinking about it…shh, Mary Anne. One thing at a time. (Ha ha ha ha ha. (I am laughing in ADHD.)))

I’m pretty happy with how the “fairies and starlight” themed box came out, though my ambition to make everything tiny-sized meant that I ended up feeling like I needed to make more items than normal to compensate. Fairies are a lot of work. 🙂

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