Beautiful Bookmarks

Look what arrived in the mail today — the beautiful bookmarks Margaret Treanor Frey designed for the SLF, with inspirational writing quotes!

If you come to one of our events (like, oh, the Deep Dish reading at the Bookcellar in Chicago TOMORROW), you can collect the whole set. 🙂 Free! (We might also have mugs for sale. And the chance to sign up as a member…)

Event details:

6:30, Thursday, 8/18 at The Book Cellar! Come see the first Speculative Literature Foundation Deep Dish Reading since the pandemic! Readers will include Mary Anne Mohanraj, Darius Vinesar, Reina Hardy, Olivia Lilley, Dan Squander, Kendrick Lee, KenZirelli Kensey, Robert Kloss, and Meghan Lamb.

Masks required — thanks!

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