Getting Ready to Ship Vegan Kickstarter Rewards

This week and next week, we’re getting ready to ship out the Vegan Kickstarter rewards. That means making fresh batches of curry powder, primarily, but there are a few other items in the rewards tiers, and we’re going to let people who didn’t get those initially add them on, which means I need to actually get them ready, photograph them, figure out an add-on price, weigh them so I know what shipping will be, etc.

Here’s one — $25 for addition of a bath indulgence sampler ($30 value). Five handmade shea butter soaps (Night Air & Sandalwood Elephants, Turmeric & Calendula, Mango-Vanilla Peacock, Lemon & Honey, Cedar & Tea Tree) and a jar of Fairy Garden bath salts (rose, calendula, centaurea, lavender). Fun. 🙂

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