Sorry for My Tardiness

Whew. I have very belatedly spent the last 90 minutes filling out my ChiCon program survey. I somehow missed the original e-mail, apologies to the ChiCon programming staff for my tardiness! We’ll see if they put me on anything. 🙂

Plan for today — I tired the kids out a little yesterday, so taking it easier today. We have 11 a.m. tickets reserved for the Cooper-Hewitt design museum, so that’s the main activity for the day. We’ll get lunch either at their cafe or somewhere nearby (recs welcome), and then I think we’ll maybe just walk home (to my sister’s place in Harlem) through Central Park.

Hm, the map program claims it’s only a 45 minute there from here, so maybe we’ll walk there too, instead of trying to public transit it. Looks like it’s going to be a beautiful day in New York — the drizzle has ended and the sun’s out.

Recent reading: I picked up a copy of The Prince and the Dressmaker graphic novel for Kavi, and it’s charming. Good for the non-conformists in your life (whether re: gender performance or otherwise).

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