A Dazzling, Happy Space

Little Island, NY, last notes. “What was in my mind was to build something for the people of New York and for anyone who visits—a space that on first sight was dazzling, and upon use made people happy.” — Barry Diller

They really did a brilliant job designing this place, with a host of native plants shown to best effect, and ingenious use of levels and pathways to make it feel much bigger than it actually is. A wonderful place to visit if you’re a tourist, or meet a friend and wander around for a bit if you’re local. Good for all ages.

Note that while it’s free, entry after a certain time of day may require a reservation to maintain sufficient spacing, so check the website for details before you go.


“In 2013, Barry Diller, in partnership with Hudson River Park Trust leadership, embarked on the unique opportunity to envision a solution for the repair and reactivation of Pier 54, recently damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Diller chose to reimagine an entirely new type of public space for New York, one that would create an immersive experience with nature and art.

Diller called on the expertise of industry leaders in the arts—Scott Rudin, Stephen Daldry, George C. Wolfe, and Kate Horton—to explore the vast possibilities of creating a new public park with the arts as an integrated component. This team, together with Hudson River Park, selected the design firms of Heatherwick Studio and MNLA to realize this vision. The two firms combined architectural innovation with a captivating landscape to provide visitors with an oasis from urban life where they could play, relax, imagine, and restore.”

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