Pretty Perfect

After visiting the Smithsonian Futures exhibit, we walked down to the what I gather is a newly developed Wharf area for lunch at Shake Shack. It was a good choice with the kids; there were various higher-end restaurants around, but eating burgers outside by the water, listening to live music, was pretty perfect.

They were all a little tired after all the museum-ing, so we didn’t try to any of the water activities, but I gather there are stand-up paddleboards and kayaks that you can rent? Maybe next time — sounds like fun.

The Wharf area felt a little sterile, I have to say — I think it could use some food trucks and other lower-cost elements. Sharmila says that there’s a tension between those and the wealthier people who live in the area and complain about congestion. NIMBYs everywhere, I guess. Build more public transit, we say!

(I don’t really know anything about this topic re: the Wharf — I’m going off a brief hour in the area and a few sentences exchanged with my sister, so feel free to chime in with more details, correcting me if needed!)

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