There’s Nothing Like It

Last WisCon photos — Alex Gurevich wrote a finance book (that I gather is quite popular in the finance / trading community) about trading at the start of the pandemic. Alex is also a MASSIVE LotR geek. Late at night after the awards ceremony, we ended up in Alex’s room when Dan treated us to a dramatic rendition of the Tolkien-inspired trading poem that Alex included in the book. It was definitely something. 🙂

And that’s it for WisCon 2022. It was certainly a quieter con than typical, with people being very cautious about large gatherings in particular. But the panels were wonderful, per usual, and enough of my heart-friends were able to come that it did end up feeding my soul in a way that I had badly missed in 2020 and 2021. WisCon — rebalances me, in a way.

There are conversations with people that I only have when I’m there, and I rather desperately missed them during the lonely years of the pandemic. Which, I suppose, is why Ben and I started a podcast, which is great, and we’re about to start recording the second season this July, but being in person is just…there’s nothing like it.

Looking forward very much to WisCon in May 2023.

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