Surprise Visitor

We had a funny moment last night — Kevin came up around 10:30 to tell me that Sri had shown up again, and was asking for treats. 🙂 He and Arya promptly got into a brotherly spat, and we had to separate them, which reinforced my feeling that it was probably the right decision to let him go; maybe we could have gotten them past that, maybe not.

We called his new owner, who came and collected him — he’s supposed to be an indoor cat now, but had gotten out and apparently had a day full of adventures, ending up under a neighbor’s bed at one point? But she was very happy to find him and take him home, and he seems healthy and well cared for, so all in all, it was kind of a nice interlude.

(He looks kind of small and kitten-ish in this photo, but that’s just the angle; he’s actually a little bigger than Arya now, quite substantial.)

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