I Thought You and Me Were Cool, Star Trek

I’ve been really enjoying Star Trek Strange New Worlds, but I had a funny moment last night.

I’d spent about five hours in relationship conversations with Jed and Kevin (everything is okay, I just had time to do some overdue processing yesterday). Much of it centered around how busy I am and how much I prioritize my work and not my romantic relationships; it’s not the easiest stuff to work through, so at the end of all that talking I was just drained, and I was really glad I had a ST episode to wind down with, and bonus, I’d heard this one was a light-hearted romp, which sounded perfect, and it was….

…BUT, it also had as a central and much-repeated theme T’Pring’s frustration with Spock prioritizing his work so much, over nurturing their relationship, and I was just like…ouch. Ouch ouch ouch.

Star Trek, why you gotta come after me like that? I thought you and me, we were cool…

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