A Party for the SLF

WisCon flashback — we held a little party for the SLF / Feast. I’ll be honest, this is where I really noticed the dropped numbers at Wiscon. My panels were actually all quite full, but I know the overall numbers at the con were quite low this year (perhaps half of what WisCon is at its height), and the larger events like the Gathering and the parties had notably less attendance — I’d say a quarter of the number of people coming through as we would’ve had normally.

But that said, I had fun putting together the beverages — I went to two local Indian stores and picked up an array of interesting drinks, which people seemed to enjoy experimenting with. (I think the rose and mango with basil seed drinks were the most popular…)

We weren’t allowed to serve food due to COVID concerns, but Dan Percival and Jackie Monkiewicz kindly took the two big bags of snacks that I’d gotten, and a bunch of sweets, and divided them up into little grab-and-go snack or sweet bags for attendees.

It’s not the same as the last time I threw a WisCon party, where I cooked a bunch of curries in advance, froze them, brought them up and reheated them in a slow cooker to serve! But at least I did get to feed people a little, so I wasn’t TOO frustrated.

And people actually used the little selfie station I set up, so that was fun. 🙂 Big thanks to Dan for co-hosting with me; I enjoyed talking to folks, but I admit, as midnight approached, I was getting sleepier and sleepier, and I may have hosted the last hour of the party lying down…larks are not meant to throw late-night parties!

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