Bring on the Buzzing Bees

Soap #6 is a blend of honey and lemon essential oils with a shea butter base, and smells like summer. Bring on the buzzing bees!

I’m finishing up and packing up items for today’s fair, and feeling grateful that the forecast rain has changed to cloudy, huzzah! I was *not* looking forward to trying to put up a tent and unload and set up in the rain. We may stlll get some rain later in the day, but not until 3-4 or so, which may mean Darius will end up breaking down for me in the rain at 7, but hopefully not!

This also means that we’re likely to get a lot more people coming through the art fair (What’s Blooming on Harrison). I’m in spot #69 (which I don’t think was meant as a joke, but hey, if it helps people remember where my booth is, that’s fine with me), on the north side of Harrison, between Harvey & Lombard. Hope to see folks there!

Come chat with me, whether you’re shopping or not; I’m mostly going to be working my booth alone today, and company would be nice!


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