Three Jobs for the Summer

The semester is over, so now I have three jobs for the summer:

– catch up on all the backlogged e-mail (sigh)
– write books
– try to relax

Relaxing is going to be the hardest of those; I’ve gotten really bad at it. But grilling is making for more low-key cooking (really loving the new plumbed-in gas grill for its ease), which helps. Kevin grilled a bunch of meat yesterday, so we have that on hand for sandwiches, etc., and I grilled fruits and veggies and naan yesterday.

Favorite from last night was probably the pineapple sprinkled with pico fruta seasoning. Yum. I liked the plain grilled asparagus (olive oil, salt and pepper) better than the prosciutto wrapped, but Kavi ate two of those prosciutto-asparagus bundles, so I guess it’s a hit with her.

I’ve moved this lounge chair to the front porch right next to the flowers, in the hopes that it’ll encourage me to lie down and rest more; it was tucked away around a corner before, and rarely used.

The chimes aren’t particularly relaxing, I suppose, but they’re new and pretty and when I walk under them, I reach up and make them ring, which is pleasing.

So far today, I’ve done an hour of gardening 6:30 – 7:30 (before it gets hot), and I need just a little more potting soil to finish off the project I’m working on, so am waiting impatiently for local nursery to open at 9. In the meantime, e-mail. So much e-mail. Sigh.

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